Capturing the natural beauty of love and families || Lifestyle photographer based in South West Victoria, Australia


Photo credit: Jessica T Photography

Photo credit: Jessica T Photography


Hi! I'm Janie. I'm a supportive wife to Phil and a doting mother to my two sweet girls, Pop + Mim.

I'm inspired by my family, those who have raised me and those who I am raising. I started out photographing such over thought and over posed photos, but it was my daughters who taught me that life flies by so quickly and kids grow up so fast, so lets capture those real, raw moments as we see them.

My photography thrives on realness, connections, gut busting sibling giggles, untamed hair and bare feet.

I love to photograph people in their own home, a relaxed, loving and familiar environment for the little ones. Your house doesn't have to be perfect, heck! your bed doesn't even have to be made, I believe there is so much beauty in a home, of a loving family, that has been lived in. This is where the best memories are always made.

If you’re not a fan of at home photoshoots then come and join me for a sunset session at the location of your choice. The gorgeous golden light, flattering tones and just being in the great outdoors makes for a gorgeous + memorable session.

People come to me, because I deliver a fun and relaxed session. I don't have props or fancy lighting, I just photograph you and your gorgeous family with the help of beautiful natural light and all I ask you to do is to turn up as YOU!

If this sounds like the kind of images you want hanging proudly on your walls at home, then send me an email and lets chat some more!

Love, Janie xx